Dr. Rishi Verma, MD is a Vancouver-based medical doctor and a leader in the field of integrative medicine.  He is the owner and medical director of Balance Medical Center and Westcoast Women’s Clinic.

Dr. Verma travels and trains extensively to learn new and innovative approaches to improve healthcare delivery in Canada. His focus is on personalized medicine and the application of genomic and proteomic testing in the clinical setting. He believes these areas will have a great impact on the evolution of medicine.

Dr. Verma is Vice-President of the Canadian Integrative Medicine Association and is a fellowship candidate with the Institute for Functional Medicine.

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In addition to his work at Balance Medical Center and the Westcoast Women’s Clinic, Dr. Verma is involved in educating the public about health and Integrative Medicine through speaking engagements and media appearances.

He is passionate about speaking on the Evolution of Medicine.

To book Dr. Rishi Verma, please call Susan at Balance Medical Center at (604) 569-0488

In January 2015, Dr. Verma spoke about The Evolution of Healthcare as part of CKNW radio’s “our Health First”series.