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Meet Dr. Rishi Verma

Welcome to the Future of Medicine blog. My name is Dr. Rishi Verma, but my patients call me Dr. V. I have been fortunate enough to have successfully grown two Integrative Medicine clinics in Vancouver, and am now taking the next step to spread the word about what we do. If you want to jump right to the details on who I have become, scroll to my resume. For those who are more interested in my journey, let’s begin.

My Journey

I spent my entire life surrounded by health care in an almost stereotypical family where medicine was #1 and many in my family followed this path. I got a degree in physiology, graduated medicine, and then was chief resident of family medicine at the University of Manitoba. I practiced conventional family and emergency medicine for about 5 years until something changed. Somewhere on the way, I veered to one side when the rest of the group veered the other way, and I found myself on a very interesting journey.

I decided to expand my already solid knowledge medical base by learning non-pharmaceutical approaches to deal with some of the more challenging day to day things we see in the office. This seemingly small turn led me on a journey that is proving to be much more interesting than I knew I was getting into.

This Blog

In this blog, you will be reading about:

  • The difference between the a health care and a sick care system
  • The potential role of a having private health care in Canada
  • If we plan to use less drugs to treat illness, then how should we treat our population safely and effectively using non-pharmaceutical modalities
  • You will also learn about medicine and expand your knowledge about health including:
    o The ‘bio-identical hormone controversy’
    o What is ‘leaky gut’, and how does this relate to your health
    o Does ‘adrenal fatigue’ even exist?
    o What’s the story on medical marijuana? Can pot actually be helpful for us?

Those are some of the concepts to expect. Postings will come once per week, and there will be a theme for each month. All content will be original Dr. V work.

Integrative Medicine in Canada eh?

There are a few things that you will get to know about me from reading my posts. I love my work, I’m a passionate golfer, I spend a lot of time with my kids, and I love Canada. My passion for Canada is like how Americans expressively feel about their country. I was born and raised in Canada, and I am so proud of the country I represent.

For various reasons, few doctors in Canada are sharing their journey online, and this has left a big void in discussion on a the topic that is consistently valued highest by Canadians – Health.

The monthly calendar

There will be a weekly posting arranged around a central topic.

How does conventional medicine differ from integrative medicine and why did Dr. V choose a private system?

Bio-Identical hormones and the endocrine system. This is the most common thing that patients request, and the first topic that is learned by most integrative medicine practitioners.

The gastro-intestinal (GI) tract. I feel like I need two months on this topic because it is so important. Hear it from me now – the GI tract is the center of where health often goes wrong, and we must pay close attention to this area. It is also one of the most heavily studied areas of research in both the integrative and conventional scenes.

The immune system. I am following the gut with the immune system since they can not be separated in the body. When you look at how the body functions, it is obvious that the immune system lines the most open entry point in the body – the gut. One would be naïve to think they would function independently after that.

That should be a good start for now, and there will be plenty more to follow.

I am very excited to take on this project. If you like what you are reading, please ensure you sign up to follow this blog. You can easily pass on my name to all of your friends in person or by sharing my facebook page or twitter account.

Also stay tuned for the launch of the Dr. V Future of Medicine podcast which should start up in the fall.

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Dr. Rishi Verma

Dr. Rishi Verma, MD is a Vancouver-based medical doctor and a leader in the field of integrative medicine. He is the owner and medical director of Balance Medical Center and Westcoast Women’s Clinic.

Dr. Verma travels and trains extensively to learn new and innovative approaches to improve healthcare delivery in Canada. His focus is on personalized medicine and the application of genomic and proteomic testing in the clinical setting. He believes these areas will have a great impact on the evolution of medicine.

Dr. Verma is Vice-President of the Canadian Integrative Medicine Association and is a fellowship candidate with the Institute for Functional Medicine.